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As a photographer, you’re not just a storyteller; you’re also a personal brand. Your unique personality is a vital component of your brand, and I like to say that it’s your greatest strength in your business. The way you connect with your clients, from the first impression to the final gallery delivery, can make all the difference in building lasting relationships and attracting your dream clients. Let’s explore how you can infuse your personality into every piece of your client experience.

The Initial Impression: It Starts with You

Picture this: A potential client lands on your website or comes across your social media profile. What do they see? What do they feel? Your online presence is often the first point of contact, and it’s where you can make a powerful initial impression.

1. Personality-Driven Branding

This is my specialty, we know this. 😉 There’s a reason that I’m so passionate about crafting a brand that feels like YOU. Your brand, including your logo, color palette, fonts, images, and visual elements, should reflect your personality. If you’re friendly, warm, and approachable, let that shine through in your branding. Use colors that resonate with your style and create a design that feels like walking into your home.

2. Social Media

Your social media presence is like a window into your world. While it’s easy for social media to feel like a portfolio and nothing more, remember that your clients want to see your life, too. This is often your first point of connection, and it’s SO much less intimidating for potential clients to make contact about a shared interest before they inquire about hiring you. Utilize stories for a look at your day-to-day life, then branch out from there. Just because this page is for your business, it shouldn’t be all business all the time. Potential clients of mine inquire all the time saying that they want to work with me because they felt like we’d be friends just from my Instagram, and that’s always my goal.

3. Welcome Video

Consider adding a welcome video to your website. This is a chance to introduce yourself, share a bit of your story, and let your personality shine. It’s like inviting someone into your online home and giving them a hug.

4. Engaging About Page

Your About page is one of the most visited pages of your website, always. Your potential clients want to know who you are! Use it as an opportunity to share your personal journey, your passions, and what drives you as a photographer. Let your story resonate with potential clients and make them feel like they’re getting to know a friend.

5. Blog with Personality

Blogging, every photographer’s favorite, right?! Kidding – I know it isn’t. BUT, beyond sharing your work, blogging can be a powerful way to connect with your audience. Write in a voice that’s yours, and share personal stories and insights. Show your expertise while also showing your personality. And, not to add more to your plate, but potential clients also love to read about your stories and experiences. Are you a wedding photographer that’s married yourself? Blog your own wedding or honeymoon!

The Client Portal: Where Personal Meets Professional

Client portals like HoneyBook or Dubsado are incredible tools for streamlining your workflow and enhancing the client experience. But they can also be spaces to infuse your brand personality.

6. Branding the Portal

Customize your client portal to match your brand’s look and feel. From fonts to colors to personalized labels, make sure every element reflects your personality. These tools and template creators have advanced SO much since their inception, and continuing a branded experience even in things as boring as proposals and contracts makes the full experience feel like you.

7. Emails Don’t Have to be Boring – or Overly Professional

It’s easy (and very helpful) to use email templates in your business, but in doing so, make sure that everything you’re saying feels like you said it in conversation with them. Write in your own voice, or customize any and every template you use, making sure that even the business transactions don’t feel like business transactions.

8. Personalized Resources

Create resources, such as video tutorials or PDF guides, that align with your brand’s personality. These resources should not only be informative but also resonate with your clients on a personal level. Utilizing video in this process is a game-changer as well! Reading pages and pages of important information can feel daunting, but having things explained directly by you feels more personal and gives your clients another chance to feel like they know you better.

The Client Interaction: Building Personal Connections

Communication is key in any client relationship, and it’s where your personality can shine.

9. Conversational Tone

In your emails and messages, maintain a conversational tone. Be warm, friendly, and approachable. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle in a little humor, curse words, or emojis if that’s your style. You know that meme about deleting all of the exclamation points out of your professional emails after you write them? Yeah, don’t do that. Own the way you naturally talk, and it’ll feel so much more like you.

10. Personalized Video Messages

Like mentioned above in the resources section, video or voice messages can be fun and feel more personal! When sending important updates or messages, consider using these. Seeing your face and hearing your voice can create a deeper connection than text alone.

11. Storytelling in Client Communications

Weave storytelling into your client communications. If you’ve been there and done that, odds are that your clients want to know! And, even if they don’t, this is another opportunity for them to get to know you. Storytelling adds depth and a personal touch to your interactions.

The Client Gifts: Tokens of Appreciation

Client gifts are a wonderful way to express gratitude and reinforce your brand personality.

12. Intentional Selection

Select gifts that you love and know your clients will appreciate. These gifts should feel like an extension of you and your brand. Are there any treats that are local to you that you just wish everyone could experience? Now’s your chance. Have any inside jokes with your clients? Reference them here. Things that absolutely scream your name? You got it, send ‘em. For example: do I send mini disco balls with my client gifts? Maaayybeeee.

13. Handwritten Notes

Include handwritten notes with your client gifts. These notes can be heartfelt and personal, showing your clients that you genuinely care about their experience.

14. Packaging with Personality

Your gift packaging can also reflect your personality. Customized packaging goes a long way, whether it’s just a fun colored package with a stamp of your logo, custom packing tape, packing tissue with your brand elements, or a fully designed, custom box. Unwrapping gifts is half of the fun on Christmas, so make this an experience that reminds your clients of you.

The Continual Connection: Beyond the Booking

Remember, your client experience doesn’t end when the contract is signed or the event is over. It’s an ongoing journey.

15. Personal Updates

Periodically share personal updates with your clients. Whether it’s a milestone in your business or a personal achievement, this allows clients to connect with you on a deeper level. This can be in an email list, or just through checking in with your clients’ lives and sharing your own.

The Final Delivery: Leaving a Lasting Impression

Even as you wrap up a project, there are ways to ensure your personality lingers in your clients’ minds.

16. Personalized Thank-You Videos

After the final delivery, consider sending personalized thank-you videos. Express your gratitude, share your reflections on the project, and show your appreciation.

17. Personal Touches in Packaging

If you’re delivering physical products, like an album, include personal touches in the packaging, just like mentioned above with client gifts. Handwritten thank-you notes, small surprises, or personalized labels can make the unboxing experience memorable.

To wrap it up, infusing your personality into every piece of your client experience is not just about attracting dream clients; it’s about building lasting relationships. When clients feel a deep sense of connection with you, they’re more likely to become loyal advocates for your business. So, be yourself, be genuine, and let your personality shine through every touchpoint of your client journey. Your dream clients are out there, and they’re eager to connect with who you are.

With each interaction, from the initial impression to the final delivery, remember that you are not just a photographer; you are a storyteller, a friend, and a creator of a magical experience. Your personality is your greatest asset, and it’s what will ultimately draw your dream clients closer and keep them coming back for more.

Infusing Your Personality Into Your Client Experience


Ready to book aligned clients without hiding behind your work and sacrificing your personality?

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