I listen to true crime podcasts until I’m equal parts fascinated and scared out of my wits (for real, I’m paranoid but I. can’t. stop.), eat a lot of pasta out of mugs, live basically my entire life in overalls, and I’m a sucker for a sitcom. (In case you were wondering: The Office, New Girl, Parks and Rec, + That 70’s Show) Here’s the deal: the end result of what I do for my clients is all over my creative map, but my heart and process are the same. I’m here to tell your story, whatever that may be. I photograph weddings + senior portraits, and I design brands for some kickass businesses. My hand either has an apple pencil or a camera in it, and I’m SO here for it. Here’s why you should be too:

As a designer, detail and understanding are my THING. As your wedding photographer, I’m gonna catch it alllll, and girl, you know I’m gonna be creative about it.

My work designing brands is all about doing the digging and working to showcase who the faces behind these businesses are, and it goes hand in hand with showing the world who my seniors are, too!

A lot of the people that I design for are creative entrepreneurs, and guess what?! I AM TOO. I get you 100% and want to help set you up for success in showing your clients who you are and what you’re about.