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As a photographer, you get the absolutely incredible job of telling other peoples’ stories— helping them see the beauty in themselves, forge a legacy, and be transported back to the moments that matter. But have you stopped to realize that the people you’re busy telling stories for want to know yours, too? In a field as intimate as yours, connection is crucial— it’s the heart of what you do. 

Getting clients is great, but getting clients that you actually vibe with, that’s the sweet spot. As much as you’ve been told that being professional, being a great artist, or being business savvy is gonna get you your dream clients, let me tell you what will actually attract the right people: being yourself.

Are you ready to book aligned clients without hiding behind your work and sacrificing your personality? Let’s do the damn thing.

You tell your clients’ stories so beautifully, but now it’s time for me to help you tell yours.

I’m Maggie! I’ve designed for over 100 photographers over the last 7 years. And even better yet, I used to be a photographer— in the midst of completing my BFA in graphic design, I was shooting portraits and weddings in my free time. I’ve done a lot of things in my career, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s this: your personality is undoubtedly your greatest strength.

When I’m not designing, I’m probably out rollerskating, finding a new trail, or reading a cheesy romance novel & drinking a dirty shirley.

I believe in good design, but more than that, I believe in you.

"I had spent years building my business and with just one call with Maggie, everything I thought I knew was blown out the window. Her knowledge and experience working with photographers is unmatched. She made my brand rebuild fun and felt personalized to me and my business, rather than me being just another photographer she's worked with."

McKenzie Mahan

"I wanted my brand to reflect me and my personality, not just what was on trend this year. I wanted it to feel like me and be personal to who I am as a photographer. She was able to capture everything I didn't know I wanted, and she made it so easy and seamless. She's helpful even after the process is over."

Sammy Caldwell

"She took all of the ideas I had and created a website that really felt like *me* and represented my brand. I'm so excited to start magnetizing my dream clients with an online precence that represents who I am and what kind of work I want to do! Stunning visuals aside, I'm also SO EXCITED to finally have a website that has its back-end neat, organized, and ready for excellent SEO."

Sabrina Fitzgerald

"Maggie was so amazing to work with!! She went above and beyond to help me discover my perfect branding. She was so patient with all my ideas and incredibly knowledgeable. Maggie took care of every beautiful branding design that I needed for my photography business. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and I am so glad I trusted her with my brand."

Lisha Durbin

"Maggie did an amazing job interpreting what I wanted from my brand. Through the entire experience, she was thoughtful, encouraging and fun! My business has grown consistently month over month. I have a cohesive vision that I rally behind, and so much more confidence to go forward because my brand represents me."

RaeAnn Malone

The key to your dream inquiries filling your calendar with people that completely trust you, connect with you, and— did I mention— want to pay you what you deserve, is MUCH closer than you think. It’s within you.

Some may call this hiring a designer, but I like to call it therapy for your brand. I’ll guide you through the process of uncovering what makes you, well, you, and help you turn your personality into your greatest strength. This is where your brand finds its voice and your website becomes a personalized experience— in as little as one week.

As it turns out, you are the secret weapon you’ve been looking for.

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Ready to book aligned clients without hiding behind your work and sacrificing your personality?