i’ll help you transform your creative business through beautiful brand design, strategy and scroll-stopping imagery, so that you can rock your business with intentionality.

i’ll make sure your business remains undeniably, truly and whole-heartedly you while you do. the damn. thing.

oh, and one more thing.

there are waaay too many cooks in the creative kitchen, aren’t there?

You know what I mean. The “kitchen” being you and your brand, and the “cooks”? They’re the brand designers, marketers, photographers, social media strategists, virtual assistants, operations and project managers that you’ve leaned on (or been told to lean on) to create your brand and business. Unfortunately, those multiple points of view can lead to chaos, confusion, and a brand identity that doesn’t translate with your audience. 

let’s be real, it just doesn’t make sense.

With an expertise in brand and website design, strategy, and photography, with a background in marketing, I’ll serve as your bestie who ACTUALLY knows what she’s doing, while taking care of every visual aspect your business needs. In other words, you can rest assured that your creative brand will finally resonate with the people you want to serve. 

if we’re really honest with ourselves, all you needed was that extra push, guidance and clarity to take your business to the next level, anyway. 

ready ?

hi, i’m maggie - your brand designer, strategist, and photographer, aka your branding bestie. let me tell you a little about me and why i do this.

let's go!