Imagine having a beautiful, intentional brand— in one day.
Or a brand and website — in as little as one week.

Have your brand and website been put on hold for too long?

let’s get real for a second.

You got into the business game to be a photographer, right? Aaaand this incredible, amazing creative-outlet-turned-career has suddenly become so much more than what you love doing. Creative businesses have so many moving pieces— more than any of us ever expected (been there), which means we’re stuck wearing hats that we never even bought in the first place.

Do  any  of  these  sound  like  you?

As a complex person and business owner, you’re feeling drawn to too many things, and the idea of choosing anything makes your head spin.

Your current brand and website don’t feel like you. …at all.

You’ve reached your limit with DIY-ing and are ready to let someone else take the wheel, but need a quick turnaround.

Brand and website design can be a long, drawn out process, and it can feel intimidating— but it doesn’t have to. If you’re looking for a personality filled online presence that speaks directly to your people, and you’re ready to get back to serving your clients and actually having time off to spend with your friends and family, you’re in the right place.

Let's go!

hi, i’m maggie.

I’ve designed for nearly 100 photographers over the last 7 years. And even better yet, I used to be a photographer— while my head was down, completing my BFA in graphic design, I was shooting portraits and weddings in my free time. (I still shoot brand work for clients of mine on occasion!)

Between knowing the ins and outs of the photography industry and my background in brand strategy, I’ve become an expert in creating a personal brand that connects and converts. In other words, I know exactly how to create a brand that feels exactly like you and attracts the right people. I’ve tried almost every process under the sun in my time, and I’ve pared it down to just the essentials, because everything else in your business is complicated enough.

Picture yourself handing off your personality and your business to someone who gets it, and being given a cohesive brand and website, the confidence you needed to finally give out a business card without cringing or saying, “Don’t look at my website, just go to my Instagram,” and brand visuals that scream your name from the rooftops.


With the basics in place, we’ll spend the rest of the week implementing. On day three, I’ll be customizing your website, top to bottom— you hand over your content, and I do the rest. This website process is template based to allow for optimal turnaround time and website strategy specifically for photographers. My Showit templates have been designed hand in hand with the following experts, so you know you’re in good hands: 

Dawn Photo, a kickass photographer and educator of 13+ years.

Erica of The Write Lens, a copywriter specializing in writing for photographers since 2017.

Danielle of Defy Creative Co., SEO specialist and blogging queen.

Rebel and Rise, the best team of Showit developers in the game.

Long story short: I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and know what works and what doesn’t, so starting from scratch isn’t necessary. In fact, around here, it’s discouraged. This experience leaves you with a fully custom feel, minus the fully custom timeline and price point.

Three: We Boogie

You book your date with me, and we get on a kickoff call first thing to make sure that you’re ready to hit the ground running on all of the behind the scenes magic that I’ll need from you when we start. You’ll be telling me alllll about yourself and your business so I know exactly what makes you so passionate, who you are, and why your clients love you so much; you’ll be gathering inspiration, and helping me to see what visuals really feel like you; and last but not least, you’ll be curating all of your website content to fit the custom plan we created together.

One: we plan

Day one, we start with a strategy call. We’ll do some exercises together, deep dive into who it is you’re hoping your brand will resonate with, and game plan together. From here, I’ll be determining what pieces of inspiration (aka what pieces of you + your personality) will tug at your ideal client’s heartstrings and make them feel at home as soon as they enter your online space. You sit back, and I bring everything to life! I’ll be hard at work bringing together the perfect brand for you, we’ll reconvene to collaborate on any tweaks that need to be made, and we’re done by the end of the day. Easy peasy!

two: We brand

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Questions?  I’ve got answers.

Will my website look like everyone else’s because it started from a template?

Not in the slightest! In the same way that a couple’s own style, decor, and venue completely differentiate the feel of their wedding photos from another gallery edited with the same presets, you’d be amazed at what a custom brand does for a website template. Not only that, I’ll be piecing together custom page layouts for you that are made up of existing site canvases, so your pages won’t be the same as any that already exist in the templates.


Your website will be fully equipped with the following pages: Home, About, Details, Investment (this can be a page included in your main menu, or used as a hidden page further down the line in your booking process), Contact, Thank You, full Blog setup (Home, Category, and Single Post designs), Social Media Links, Coming Soon, and 404.

What’s included in my brand?

A Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Submark, Color Palette, Font Selections, and Brand Guidelines to teach you when and how to use everything included. I often have ideas for other elements during the process, and will create those if time allows, but either way, you’ll be walking away with all essential elements for a successful brand!


Yes! I’ve got a slightly larger package available for educators— this includes an extra day intensive to flesh out any branding that the education side of your business needs, and fully customized versions of my education, sales, and shop page templates. Your timeline will be extended by one week to account for these additions!

I feel like I need something more, do you offer fully custom projects?

I do! My capacity for custom work is a lot lower than it has been in previous years, so I only take on a few projects with longer timelines per year. If you’re a personal brand in a different industry or have specific dreams for your project outside of The Brand + Website Boogie, I’d love to chat about what you’re looking for!

What bonuses are included with The Brand Boogie?

All of my clients get full access to my Canva Client Guide + Social Media Templates for photographers including: Wedding and Elopement guides, Session Planning guide, Pricing guide, Location guide, Album guide, Collage Page Add-Ons, Instagram Stories, and Carousel Post templates. ($490 value!) You’ll also be enrolled in the course that comes with every website template and is chock full of every Showit tutorial that you’ll ever need, making website updates a breeze from here on out!

Do you help with SEO?

While I am not an SEO expert (which is exactly the reason that experts were brought on to fill any gaps in the creation of these website templates), I do know the basics and will implement any SEO optimized copy that you (or a copywriter!) have written, and make sure your images are labeled correctly. I also know the power of blogging when it comes to SEO, and you will be set up for success with Showit’s blogging integration with Wordpress. SEO is an important part of every location-based service provider’s marketing plan— as much as I wish I could do it all, I’m here to create design for your business that sets your future marketing efforts up for success, but all marketing is in your hands!!

What if I need help or want to add something else down the line?

Here’s the truth: nothing would mean more to me than being your designer for lifeeee. I always offer full or half day intensives to past clients of mine, and I reserve availability in my schedule just for these, so I usually have openings within the month. You’ll have my undivided attention to knock out anything and everything design related— I’m all about quick turnarounds around here, if you haven’t noticed!

I think that I want to DIY my website, but I need some guidance. Is that an option?

Absolutely! I have a package that comes with The Brand Boogie and a website template— I’ll design your brand for you and help choose the template that best fits your aesthetic and needs. You’ll walk away with all of the tools you need to create a stunning, strategic website, and update your online presence with confidence. Feels a little bit better than totally winging it, right?

Website, Client Guide, and Social Media Templates are also available to purchase in the shop.

90+ brands designed

7 years
working with photographers

43,000+ files delivered


1-2 week timeline
(Payment plans available)

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1 day timeline
(Payment plans available)

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are you ready for it? (cue taylor swift.)

If you’re ready for a brand and website experience that puts your personality first, takes days instead of months, and has been crafted specifically for photographers, let’s do the damn thing! I’ve done a ton of talking already. It’s your turn— let’s book a call.

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