Has branding your business been put on hold for too long?

Imagine  having  a  beautiful, intentional
brand...  in  a  day.

Branding can be a long, drawn out process with so many moving pieces, and you might not be at a place in your business where you’re ready for that quite yet. If you’re looking for an effective personal brand that speaks directly to your people, and you’re ready to stop putting it off, you’re in the right place.

let's go!

Your current branding 
doesn’t feel like you at all.

You like to DIY some aspects 
of your business, but need 
some guidance.

The idea of choosing fonts 
or colors for your brand 
makes your head spin.

You want to hire a designer, 
but need a quick 

Do  any  of  these  sound  like  you?


If you’re finally ready to say goodbye to the days of a DIY brand - yes, the one that you threw together because your website needed something, or the logo that you designed in Canva that was paired with your website template’s default fonts and colors (Trust me, we’ve all been there - me included, and I’m a designer.), I’m so excited that you’re here. Branding can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never worked with a designer, but what if it didn’t have to be?  

Imagine handing off your personality and your business to someone who gets it, and being given the building blocks for a cohesive brand, the confidence you needed to finally give out a business card without cringing or saying, “Don’t look at my website, just go to my Instagram,” and brand visuals that scream your name from the rooftops. Or better yet, imagine getting alllllll of that in just. one. day.

You book your date with me, and I send you all of the behind the scenes work that I need from you before our time together. You’ll be telling me alllll about yourself and your business so I know exactly what makes you so passionate, who you are, and why your clients love you so much. In this stage, you’ll also be gathering inspiration, and helping me to see what visuals really feel like you.

One: we plan

the  brand  boogie  signature  framework:

Day of, we hop on a mini strategy call first thing in the morning. We’ll do some exercises together, deep dive into who it is you’re hoping your brand will resonate with, and game plan together.  From here, I’ll be determining what pieces of inspiration (aka what pieces of you + your personality) will tug at your ideal client’s heartstrings and make them feel at home as soon as they enter your online space.

TWO: we strategize

You sit back, and I bring everything to life! I’ll be hard at work bringing together the perfect brand for you, then will present this to you for any final tweaks that need to happen before we wrap up!  You’ll walk away with a primary logo, secondary logo, submark, font selections, and color palette that truly feel like YOU. These will be delivered the following day, along with detailed instructions on how to use everything, so you can update your online presence with confidence. 

THREE: we boogie

total investment:


(payment plans available)

(Cue Taylor Swift.)


I’ve designed over 5 dozen personal brands for creative entrepreneurs in my day, and have tried almost every process under the sun. I work heavily in brand strategy with my long term clients, and in turn, am an expert in creating a personal brand that connects and converts. In other words, I know exactly how to create a brand that feels exactly like you and attracts the right people, but I know that this high, intense level of work isn’t attainable for everyone - especially someone that may be in their first few years of business. I believe that everyone deserves an effective brand, so I’ve pared down my proven brand design process to just the essentials in this quick, easy VIP day, so that you can be confident that you have the building blocks for a stunning, cohesive brand. 


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