So, I know you’re wondering how it goes. Lucky for you, all my cards are out here on the table! First, I’ll take you through a detailed brand questionnaire that helps the both of us break into what the core of your brand is, how to make you stand out among other members of the same industry, and have you create a custom tailored Pinterest board for the inspiration behind your brand’s visuals. I hope to take inspiration from what you like, while creating something that is completely yours. I’ll create initial concepts for you, and from there we’ll work together to finalize the perfect representation for your business!

Personalization is HUGE to me. Have a favorite flower or have mountains where you were proposed to? If it aligns with your brand, you can absolutely bet that those are going in your logo. I hand draw / paint every element of your logo (down to the lettering if you choose) and if you want it done, I’ll jump allll of the hoops to do it for you!

I want to take your visions— regardless of how large or small, fully-formed or not— and make them into something that you’ll never get tired of looking at. I’ll take your values and what you stand for and work with you to create a mark that represents all of it cohesively, creatively, and professionally.  

This right here is a partnership, and a damn good one. I’ll bring you what you never knew you needed, while you guide it to the point that completely screams you and your brand. Your concerns and input are the most important thing in this process. The good and the bad are not only welcome, but encouraged— no offense is taken around here, and your satisfaction is my number one priority. Period. I can’t wait to get your business some killer visuals behind it!