Most days, you can find me hangin' out in my overalls (or let's be real, maybe a onesie, thank you comfort), cozied up watching the Office, Parks and Rec, New Girl, or That 70's Show (seriously, these 4 are on repeat around here. I'm a sitcom girl through and through.) while doodling on my iPad.

I'm most often known for my obsession with baby goats, unhealthy consumption levels of pasta (I can make a mean mac 'n cheese, which my friends call Mag 'n cheese), love for mangoes, and my dislike for drinks that aren't sweet. Really though - you'll never catch me dead with black coffee. And on that note, you can never go wrong with sweets! Anything caramel and cheesecake are my favorites, and I may have a little problem with my sweet tooth.

Travel is my JAM. I say I hate being in the car for hours on hours, but somehow I secretly love it. I hope to visit every national park in the US and travel around the world with my guy. And on that note - YES I'll travel for you! If you want me there, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Speaking of, this crazy guy - that's a foot taller than me - is Aaron! He's my high school sweetheart + we've been hanging out for over 5 years! It always feels like I'm dragging him on adventures, but as soon as our hikes get uphill, he's the one dragging me. He's an electrical engineer, and while a lot of the things he says go right over my head and our fields couldn't be any different, it's the best thing to have someone who supports your dreams, even if he doesn't get the first thing about being a creative.