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Oregon Forest Intimate Wedding | Borquez


These two said their vows with a small number of family and friends at Camp Wilkerson up in Rainier, Oregon. They opted for this campground as their place of marriage over a fancy events venue. Now, I’m ALWAYS gonna love where you get married regardless of where it is, because it’s special to you, it spoke to you, and you felt that you could see yourselves committing the rest of your lives there.

Most people find their wedding venues after they’re engaged and wedding planning, but here’s the kicker with this couple: they visited years ago, at dusk, and upon barely seeing the place in the low light, they both had the same thought and feeling. “We’re gonna get married here someday.” That spot under the trees (swipe over) was the spot they stood years before they were ever engaged, but they KNEW.

This chapel was the rain backup (as you have in Oregon), and believe me when I said that the August rain came through that day, big time. But you wanna know what we did? We made sure that they were married under those trees, standing in the same spot they found, and the clouds parted, sun came out, and the rest of the day was beautiful. Talk about fate, you guys. C’mon.

So here it is: make sure you’re married somewhere that means something to you. You don’t have to choose your wedding venue for its amenities, for the gorgeous space, or the caterer that comes with it. Say your vows and commit your life to one another in a place that makes you feel something.




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